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Welcome to the fallen angel

Good evening,

and welcome to the fallen angel


Welcome on this trip

through misery land

welcome in this shit

from heaven send

life can have a smell

some of you know well

petrifying and denying

love’s a living hell

Yeah, sometimes it’s so mean

it hits before it’s seen

it takes you from behind

and makes you fall


it quickly tears you down

that happens all around

and if your heart is sound

it makes it easy to be found


The fallen angel takes a dive

The fallen angel takes a dive

And will mess up your pretty life


So welcome to the fallen angel


(I hate) dancin'

Dancing, I hate dancing

Dancing, I hate dancing

But I don’t mind doing it,

if I can be with you


Cookin’, I hate cookin’

Cookin’, I hate cookin’

But I don’t mind doing it,

if I can be with you


Working, I hate working

Working, I hate working

There’s nothing I would rather do

than being with you


you’re a shameless creature

tell me what to do now

yes you’re a shameless creature

anything for you


Singing, I hate singing

Yeah, singing, I hate singing

But I don’t mind doing it,

if I can be with you


Shopping, I hate shopping

Yoeah, shopping, I hate shopping

But I don’t mind doing it,

if I can be with you


Fool says

Fool says

Give me some time

I’m sure it’s mine

In every way he thinks he’s nice

And every time

he ain’t got love he cries

Fool says

none makes it twice

dumber is nice

So every time he says he likes you

You know exactly what to do, ‘cause


If that’s your answer to the nothingness

You still don’t seem to see

your life’s a mess

That’s why I go for the good times,

away from you


Fool says

Follow in line

Make me some shine

And then he thinks

he’ll find it everywhere

And only light will lead us there


Fool says

who’s the one I gotta follow

and go where you folks go

Fool says life is just a sigh

and simply overrated


Fool says flow with the snow

Fool says be as you go

After all it will be Monday

Even if you say goodbye


Well there ain’t no cause to die for

There’s always somewhere else to stay



Day by day

It’s not that I don’t want you around me

I guess you gave me too much of it all

We just got to change our ways

And end the way we live our days

Please don’t say we don’t,

‘cause we do


And I don’t want you

to think I’m lonely

‘Cause I don’t need you day by day

I don’t care if you want to leave me

‘Cause I don’t need you day by day


The blues has always been

a friend of mine

And I’d be lost

if all things should go fine

But I guess I’m gonna stay with you

And act as I’m supposed to do

but please don’t try

to change my view,

cause if you do…


Whenever she’s comes home

You can always get me wrong

Since you’re always on the run

Fallen angel says it’s crying time,

for you


Yeah, anybody cries sometimes

Like everybody lies sometimes

And nobody calls you

And no one ever sees you cry

So leave it all, I’ll see you coming

Running home, running home


When I told you:

it’s nothing like this at all

I guess it’s there you got me wrong

Falling angel says it’s crying time again,

for you


Yeah anybody cries sometimes

Like everybody lies sometimes

And nobody calls you

Seems there’s nobody who cares

I assure you I’ll be waiting, keep

Coming home, coming home


And nobody says you like it

coming home, coming home


I wonder what news she will bring

Whenever she comes home


Funny situation

You’re gonna give me right times

And you

bring in light times


Come on everybody

Let me show you honey


When anybody cries

You sing

When everybody cries


But then an angel’s coming

And your eyes are falling

And you don’t know

where she’s going to

And you don’t know

what she’s showing you


My inspiration

yeah you

my destination


Then there’s an angel calling

yeah I can see her falling down

And you know, where she goes

it’s such a funny situation

Can’t you see,

that it’s free to feel vibrations


Yeah I mean you,

listen to this explanation

about you, let me show

that where she goes

it’s such a funny situation

yeah yeah you, let me hold you

love you on and on and on and on...



That ain’t so

They say that love is everywhere

someone to hold, someone to care

They also say

that love tends to be kind

Just look around,

it ain’t hard to find


But I know

That that ain’t so


Everyone should do just what he likes

Play some guitar, sing thru some mikes

And every rain is followed by the sun

And there’s no one who needs a gun


In school they teach you all that stuff

How to behave, how to be tough

How to keep your head up

when you’re grown

Always to laugh, never to moan


And there’s always friends

that you can lean on

But when you’re in need,

you’ll find them gone

They say that basically Man is kind

and that he’s got a gentle mind


I guess you reckon that it ain’t that cool

To be listening to this old fool

And that you know all there’s to know

About the ways, you still have to go


And I can tell you anything I know

About the places you still want to go

I can show you all there is to show

But I’d rather go, just let me go



Hard way out

It’s always hard to say it’s over,

So hard to say “we’re thru”

It’s even harder

when you know damn sure,

that she’s the one for you

You keep on wondering

what went wrong

It always seemed our

love was strong

But there’s no use sitting here

and hang on feeling blue


You’re always going somewhere

Always got a lot to do

There never seems a moment

that’s convenient for you

So now I guess you take your time

And you’re no longer mine

Still there’s no use sitting here

and hang on feeling blue


If there would be: an easy way out

You know I would: cry out loud

I guess we reached the point of no return

Maybe there’s a lesson

that we should learn

Still it’s bye bye baby,

we got to take the hard way out


We’ve been cruisin’

on the highway of love

Even stayed together

when times were rough

We even thought about

starting a family of our own

And then one day, on a Friday night

You looked at me and held me tight

With tears in your eyes

you told me you had to move on


As in a dream: I just kept staring at you

I just couldn’t believe

that what you said was true

But you begged “don’t make this hard for me”

Our time is gone baby can’t you see



Nothing else

You claimed to be a friend of mine

but yóu turned out to be a rotten wine

you thought that everything

you said was fine

but all you ever did was cross a line


I said that everything was right

Just to make sure

you wouldn’t start a fight

It was never my intention

to stay overnight

and I never did think

you were a pretty sight


Many hours of the day

I wished that I could be away

‘cause I got nothing else to say

To you


It was all a big mistake

all there ever was

turned out to be fake

Unfortunately you’re still around

I think you’re lost,

you won’t be found


Like every other girl

you tried the tears

but that don’t work for me

since many years

You claim to be a house of stone

but you’re a loose wall, on it’s own


(How you're gonna) keep 'm quiet?

Sing with those who came in last

Did you ever hear them talk about the past

they don’t care

what happened many years ago

As long as they got something

they feel that it makes ‘m go


You say, you say: “I go”

You say: “just let them go”

Well, they don’t care about anything

they hear from you,

They just don’t feel

and think the way we do


Sing with those who came in last

you’ll be surprised

to find out where you’re finally at

20 years ago, they think, is ancient history

Is there a way

that they can mean something to me?


You say, you say: “I know”

You say: “just let them go”

Well, they don’t care about anything

they hear from you,

They just don’t feel

and think and act the way we do


How you’re gonna keep ‘m quiet


They don’t know about Rock ‘n’ Roll

They don’t know about Memphis soul

They don’t know about

The Beatles and the Stones

Don’t know about whispers and moans



Especially made for you

Because of all the time

You put into my blues

And off all the right words

You always find to choose

Because you are my friend

For more than just a day

I know they’re always mend

The things you have to say


You keep me on my feet

Whenever I might fall

You know just what I need

Every time I hear your call

You make me want to sing

And play on my guitar

You make me do my thing

Even if I’m not a star


This song’s especially made for you,

yeah you. You know,

this song’s especially made for you


Back on track on a Saturday night

there’s booze in our heads,

we’ve just seen some light

and it always ends up

with promises and deeds,

an evening with friends,

ain’t that all the you need?


Nobody said

I hear you knocking at my door

But I’m not gonna let you in

You promised me to give me more

Where would you like to begin?


You say it’s all different now

You’ve learned to play by the rules

I don’t believe you somehow

Don’t mistake me for a fool

‘cause I know you’re down,

down and out


Nobody said it would be easy

Nobody said it would be forever


So stop your moaning right now,

Agree we’ve had some fun

Before this ends in a row

I‘ll turn my head to the stars

and then start to run..


What ever happens in this world

I mean it must be right

It’s got to lead us to the love

inside us all


Tennessee walz

I was dancing with my darling

to the Tennessee waltz

When an old friend I happen to see

I introduced him to my loved one

And while they were dancing

My friend stole my sweetheart from me


I remember the night

and the Tennessee waltz

Now I know just how much I lost

Yes I lost my little darling

the night they were playing

that beautiful Tennessee waltz


Welcome (reprise)

And now,

I guess she’s gone

and left you on your own

and as your life goes down the drain

it gets easier to take the pain

Life can be so mean

it hits before it’s seen

it takes you from behind

and makes you fall


And when you’re doing fine

She’ll crawl up from behind

send shivers down your spine

shake up your restless mind

And when the fallen angel takes a dive

The fallen angel takes a dive

She’ll mess up your pretty life


Please welcome to the fallen angel


No way way

Ain’t got time to settle down

Got to prove this world is round, round

Fallen angel says she’s coming too,

She breaks up, shakes up,

wakes up and makes up as you do

Oh oh oh baby…


Men got ways to talk things over

I never said that we’d be round for ever

And if you finally found out

what you’re after

It’s a no-way way, a no-way way you go


Oh oh oh baby

Oh oh oh maybe


If you ever start to doubt

And if you’re ever in for laughs

And if your thoughts are all distracted

it’s still a no-way way